Power Down for Education in Uganda

We @echangendeavors are powering down our mobile device to raise $100,000 for education in northern Uganda: #PowerDown4EdUg.  Students at Ocer Campion Jesuit College (OCJC) in Gulu Uganda do not have access to technology for learning purposes, let alone personal use.  In solidarity with these students, we are giving up using our mobile phones and other mobile devices for 24 hours and donating $24 to improve the quality of their education.

In this way, we are affirming the value of high school education for all youth and facilitating a higher quality of education in Uganda.   The funds raised will go towards the building of a two-story house on campus for international volunteers, teachers, coaches, medical personnel, entrepreneurs and others who come and work with the youth for extended stays.

Ocer Campion Jesuit College http://ocercampion.org was initiated following the signing of the Peace Accords in Gulu in 2006 as means of reconciliation and restoration in northern Uganda following two decades of war and violence.  During the conflict, thousands of youth were abducted and forced to be child soldiers or to support the soldiers.  Many more youth lived in fear of being abducted, so they went to camps for internally displaced persons (IDP) that were underfunded or nightly they retreated to shelters in Gulu town.  All of which negatively affected their education.  Ocer Campion offers an extra initial year for students to address gaps in their knowledge and skills to ensure they are properly prepared to begin high school studies.   This methodology has proven to be powerful! This last December Ocer Campion graduated their first class of students and earned the highest ranking on the national O-level exams out of all the schools in Gulu district.

Now is your opportunity to be part of this grand endeavor to give these youth a second chance at a good education. Take on our challenge to power down for education in Uganda – #PowerDown4EdUg and donate $24 for Ocer Campion Jesuit College.

 The #PowerDown4EdUg Challenge in 5 Easy Steps 

  1. Tell all the people in your circles WHEN you will be powering down your mobile devices and WHAT inspired you to take on this challenge.
  2. Power down your mobile phone and other mobile devices and give to another adult to verify you did it!
  3. Have a carefree, no technology day and see what happens differently.
  4. Make your donation by texting the word UGANDA to 41444.
  5. Post a brief video or message to tell everyone you know that you completed the challenge and what you gained from the experience. Finally, don’t forget to challenge others to take on the #PowerDown4EdUg challenge too!

For all your posts, use #PowerDown4EdUg and refer to us @echangendeavors

Come join us this Lenten season and take on this charity challenge of letting go of your mobile technology to help youth improve their educational opportunities in Uganda.

Thank you for your support!

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