Rebecca’s Story

As children around the world rejoin their classrooms, eChange Endeavors is proud to continue our support of Ocer Campion Jesuit College in Gulu, Uganda. Through your donations, eChange Endeavors plays a pivotal role in developing the next generation of educated young Ugandans.

Rebecca has grown up knowing the power of her faith and education. Her father was a soldier so they lived near the barracks early on.  Her mother, Judith, one of five children, ran a successful hair salon. Following her father’s death during the insurgency in Northern Uganda, her mother began taking in orphans and families affected by the war while also sending Rebecca to primary school. Soon after, however, Rebecca’s mother fell ill with a meningitis-like illness, causing her to lose her strength and mobility, and leaving her incapacitated and unable to take care of herself or the children. Without her steady hand the salon soon closed.

Since her mother’s illness, Rebecca’s maternal grandparents have emerged from retirement to aid with caregiving and the financial burden. Active members of their parish community, the grandparents continue to model their faith not only in their home, but also within the community. Her grandfather, a retired accountant is the chairman of their sub-parish and member of the parish council. Her grandmother is a member of the parish Catholic women’s group that provides study, fellowship and support to woman in the parish and community. Through a small vegetable stand in the local town market Rebecca’s grandmother provides food for the extended family and an income to cover medical costs. Still it is not enough. While Rebecca’s grades were quite high, her education was halted after primary school due to a lack of funds. She remained at home for a year with no hope of continuing her schooling.   

Thanks to the help of Fr. Tony Wach, SJ, Director of Ocer Campion JC, and eChange Endeavors, Rebecca is now among the numerous scholarship recipients given an opportunity for education. Rebecca is an active member of Ocer’s many clubs and activities, and has grown fond of dancing, singing and drama alongside her other subjects. She is also involved in the Magis club, a group dedicated to the service of others within the local community, such as St Jude’s orphanage. Rebecca believes in modeling her faith, as her grandparent and parents have shown her, and recognizes that those with the ability should help others as they can. She similarly values her education and sees it as an indispensable asset to her wellbeing and a way to escape the difficulties often faced within her society. She aspires to one day be a TV announcer and support other children to also complete their education.  Rebecca and her family remain shining examples of our dynamic global Catholic family living and thriving through faithful discipleship. They are ever grateful for your support and hope that other families in need around them may also benefit from your generosity.

While education is an opportunity we often take for granted, for a family facing difficulty, it becomes a significant advantage to a better life. We would like to thank you for your enduring support of our programs.  We invite you to give the gift of learning to another family and young member of the Gulu community. For only $60 per month or $720 per year, you can support a student for one year of high school. Join our Endeavors Giving Circle today!