Brother Silas’s Story

As our children have been hard at work in the classrooms, our missionaries are working hard to spread God’s love farther. eChange Endeavors is proud to support our Brothers and Sisters on their journey in Uganda while bridging communities across the ocean together and closer to Christ.    

Born and raised in Western Kenya, Brother Silas joined the Jesuit Novitiate in 2009.  Following the Novitiate he was sent to India to complete his Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and Biology. Before going on to finish his Master’s in Philosophy he has been assigned to teach at Ocer Campion to help fill the gap in a shortage of good science teachers in Uganda.  

Uganda, and Northern Uganda specifically, Brother Silas notes, has lost the value of education because of the conflict that once raged there. As a result, the students at Ocer Campion carry the burdens of the war and longstanding poverty with them, even though they may not have experienced it themselves. Though this adds a psychological element into the lives of the students at Ocer Campion, Brother Silas believes the attention to a student’s psychological wellbeing has made him a better educator. Through his teaching, he is determined to captivate the minds of his students and provide multidimensional lessons that stretch beyond science and into their daily lives.

Brother Silas values Ocer Campion’s unique approach to education, to the community and to the Northern Ugandan culture. Ocer Campion exudes a Jesuit philosophy of education, which promotes the formation of special student-teacher relationships that provide students individual care and allows for free interaction between students and their teachers. This philosophy extends beyond the classroom and encourages Ocer students to do more. This is done through the school’s clubs which target specific student interests, such as choir, Magis community service club, or the science club, headed by Brother Silas.

Brother Silas recognizes that Ocer Campion, its goods works, and its amazing student population would not be possible without faith and support from its donors. As Ocer Campion Jesuit College continues to grow its student body and faculty, and develop its unique culture through through Christ, Brother Silas believes that the futures of Ugandans are getting brighter and Ocer Campion is on its way to becoming a village of champions.

With the help of donations and prayers, missionaries like Brother Silas and Fr. Tony, SJ, are able to help rebuild a war-torn community encompassed in faith and compassion. Brother Silas is excited to see Ocer Campion Jesuit College becoming a place where children come and walk out men and women for others. We would like to thank you for your enduring support of our programs. We invite you to give the gift of support to other teaching missionaries and the gift of learning to a deserving member of the Gulu community. Join our Endeavors Giving Circle today!


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