Annitah’s Story

We are inspired by the extraordinary love and kindness of Annitah Kawuma.  She is a wife, mother, accountant, and community leader. She and her husband have five children, four of their own and one adopted girl. Her fourth child has special needs due to an accident sustained when he was in her womb.  In addition, she supports Fr. Tony Wach, Director of Ocer Campion Jesuit College, as the senior accountant for the college.

Born out of her own experience she founded Children’s Community Care in 2015 to help support other mothers and families in her community struggling with the daily challenges of care for a child with special needs. Uganda has limited support systems for these children, additional life challenges, and misunderstanding of disabilities that lead to stigmas and isolation.  For many of these mothers, there is no place to take the children during the day while they are working that is safe, clean and stimulating for the children. And affording a caregiver at home is beyond their means. In addition, special transportation to doctor visits and treatment is expensive, extra clothes and blankets needed are all washed by hand, and food preparations are manual and time-consuming. Emotional and spiritual support nominal.

As professionals with jobs, Annitah and her husband are better off than most families in Uganda, but resources are still very tight.  When Annitah could rightly just focus on her own child and large family, she continues to see and help those suffering around her. Through Community Children’s Care, she works tirelessly to help increase livelihoods, resources, and emotional support for mothers and families with special needs children. In addition, in her limited time, she fosters the broader community by working to raise awareness and convey the beautiful gifts these children are from God.  In coming together and raising one unified voice, Annitah and the mothers are better able to collaborate with educators, students and other families to transform the attitudes of the community one person at a time.

Currently, Annitah and her husband are working to establish a joint rabbit farm to provide an additional source of income for CCC families with special needs children.  They have donated the land and are seeking additional funds to renovate and expand the facilities needed to house the rabbits and the additional feed. As we anticipate the arrival of Jesus this Christmas season, we prepare ourselves in our Advent journey through prayer, penance, and good and joyful works!  Please support our efforts this Christmas to raise $1,000 for Annitah and the other members of Community Children’s Care. Every little bit helps. Join our Endeavors Giving Circle today!

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