Following Your Dream – Solomon’s Story

Parents around the world struggle greatly to provide educational opportunities for their children, and instill the values of learning and academic growth in them. Unfortunately for many in Uganda, quality education and monetary opportunity to enroll in schools remain unattainable following the conflict in the north. With the help of generous sponsors, such as yourself, and passionate educators like Fr. Tony, SJ and the staff at Ocer Campion Jesuit College (OCJC), students who would not otherwise have the opportunity to study are able to join classrooms and fulfill their dreams and the hope of their parents.

Solomon, a 14 year old at Ocer Campion Jesuit College, was born to parents living the turmoil of wartime Uganda. During the time of the insurgency, people from Northern Uganda were moved into the family’s compound for safety, but left resource sparse. Following the war, Solomon’s parents had no land for tilling and little opportunity for financial recovery.

Dreams of educating their children looked bleak, but knowing its importance, they enrolled Solomon in a local primary school. During this time, they recognized a struggle in math and worked with the school librarian to obtain books to aid Solomon. Shortly after he was able to pass his Primary 7 examinations and was accepted into Ocer Campion. With the help of your donations which contribute to tuition payments, Solomon, like many other students at Ocer, has been able to attend school and thrive.

Solomon enjoys the environment that Ocer Campion Jesuit College, its staff and students provide. He is fond of the staff of the school, who continuously show kindness to the students and are invested in their success. Solomon is a member of the Ocer Science Club, enjoys fine arts classes, and participates in football during his leisure time. Following Ocer, Solomon hopes to become a mechanical engineer and give back to his community in whatever way he can.

Solomon’s educational dreams and opportunities would not have been possible without the good works of our wonderful missionaries serving in Uganda and our faithful donors. For a mere $660 per year or $55 per month, you can help support a student like Solomon for one year of education. Will you help give a student the opportunity to dream big and join a classroom today?   Join our Endeavors Giving Circle Today!


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eChange Endeavors

We are a community inspired by our Catholic faith to serve one another in love. We have committed resources and ourselves to create inclusive empowerment opportunities for our Brothers and Sisters in Africa. We currently work in Uganda, East Africa.

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