Will you help Lazarus in our midst?

Bishop Barron notes from the gospel the Luke 16:19-31, “the rich man ‘dressed in purple garments and fine linen and dined sumptuously each day,’ while lying at his door was a poor man named Lazarus, ‘who would gladly have eaten his fill of the scraps that fell from the rich man’s table.’ God is not pleased with this kind of economic inequality, and he burns with a passion to set things right.

This theme came roaring up out of the Bible and into the Christian tradition, and it echoes up and down the centuries.  St Thomas Aquinas says that we must distinguish between ownership and use of private property. We have a right to ownership through our hard work, through our inheritance. Fair enough. But with regard to the use of those things–how we use them, why we use them, then, says Thomas, we must always be concerned first for the common good and not our own.  This especially includes Lazarus at our gate:  those who are suffering and most in need.”

In Uganda, unemployment is over 40% with 80% of the population trying to eek out a living from farming or micro businesses.  Many families struggle to cover basic needs–food, health care, housing and school fees.  And the effects of changing weather, coupled with a lack of access to insurance options, leaves families even more exposed and vulnerable.  This Lent support our small grant programs that provides infusions of capital to income generating projects to ensure health care workers are paid for their free services rendered to the community; to provide leadership, scouting and shoe making training programs for youth; to support a rabbit farm for mothers and families with special needs children, and income generating opportunities for disabled men and woman.

We support amazing Catholic religious and lay leaders working to transform their communities through health care, work opportunitities, education, spiritual formation, and love.  Will you help the Lazarus in our midst, the marginalized families, youth and disabled in Uganda?   Join our Endeavors Giving Circle this Lent!

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eChange Endeavors

We are a community inspired by our Catholic faith to serve one another in love. We have committed resources and ourselves to create inclusive empowerment opportunities for our Brothers and Sisters in Africa. We currently work in Uganda, East Africa.

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