A medical crises can quickly send a family into a downward spiral of economic depletion and poverty.   The unexpected medical expenses, the related transportation and housing expenses coupled with the loss of income due to not working becomes catastrophic for these families.  Everyone in the family is effected in the near term and the long-term. Children are forced to quit school, the family is pushed into selling off important livelihood assets, such as tools and land, and the family takes on burdensome debt.  As a result the cycles of poverty persist.  In response, we have created a health fund to assist families with some of these expenses bridging the short-term financial gap and preventing further poverty.    Here are just a few of the stories:

Ann Ruth Kirabo, a dynamic Catholic youth leader in Uganda, only 28 years of age, was

JPYouth2010 152diagnosed in November 2015 with 3rd stage bladder cancer after nearly nine months of ill health and testing.  The only treatment available required that she fly to India for innovative surgery and recovery.  This health crisis has put the family in debt $21,000US.  While gratefully she is recovering well, the family is now burdened with this enormous debt.  We are seeking to raising $2,500 to cover a portion of the debt for the family.  Help AnnRuth and her family get out of debt and back to building their family together!   We have thus far contributed $500 for Ann Ruth, and remain with a goal of $2000.

Simon Peter Omollo is another young, dynamic catholic your leader who participated in our Youth Building Peace program.  His Father was diagnosed

JPYouth2010 398with esophagus cancer in 2015.  Consequently, all the available family resources have been put towards his father’s surgery and treatments.  This has left no resources for Simon Peter to finish his B.A. in Education at St Lawrence University in Uganda.  He is only four months from graduating and being able to work as a secondary teacher, and able to contribute back to his family.   He needs $1500 to settle all is outstanding university fees for the year.  Help Simon Peter graduate in May and begin teaching the next generation of youth!  Thank you to everyone you contributed to help us reach our goal.  Simon Peter’s graduation is in December 2016!

Gloria Acio is a single mother in her early thirties who has been disabled since she was 11 years old.  She was the victim of a traumatic boda-boda accident that shattered her right hip.  Already an orphan, the extended family had no resources for her care, so the hip became infected and IMG_9712 Gloria face shotdysfunctional.  This in turn affected the growth of her right leg.  In 2011, she was in dire need of hip surgery now for her left hip as it had born the brunt of 17 years of the right hip not functioning properly.  We raised resources for her initial hip replacement surgery.   Since she was forced to leave school after primary three, she is only qualified to do manual labor.  She works as a nanny and sews clothes to provide an income for her and her child.  This type of manual labor has caused problems and the hip now requires re-cementing.  It costs $2000 for this follow-on surgery in Uganda.  She is living in pain everyday until the surgery can be performed. Help Gloria become pain free and able to work again with your contribution today!  Thank you to everyone who donated for Gloria’s surgery.  She is recovering well and will soon be back at work pain free again!

With only a little amount you can make a radical difference in the lives of these families, today and for generations to come.  Give today!

Please keep all our grant recipients and their families in your prayers too. Thank you!