Educational Partners


Ocer Campion Jesuit College

A Jesuit secondary school in Gulu, Northern Uganda, Ocer Campion Jesuit College works to give the youth a second chance at education. This school has become a beacon of hope and light for a better future for a region recovery from two decades of war and violence.

We assist the school director with fundraising efforts and strive to provide scholarships and aid to students. In addition, we helped to complete the new Jesuit house, making available a smaller house for international volunteers generously giving their time and skills.


St. Elizabeth’s Girls Home & Vocational Institute

Founded by Sister Catherine Akiiki, St. Elizabeth’s Girls Home & Vocational School is located in Mengo-Kisyeni, a neighborhood of Kampala, Uganda’s capital city.  In partnership with the Good Samaritan Sisters, who help rescue girls from the streets, domestic servitude, prostitution and human trafficking, St. Elizabeth’s helps restore the dignity of these wanted girls.

The school strives to equip these girls with vocational skills, such as catering, tailoring and computer skills, and sources of livelihood which they can use to support themselves or return to their families.  While there are several organizations around Kampala that take in boys, this is the only program in Kampala that actively reaches out to girls.


St. Athanasius Primary School

St. Athanasius Primary School, founded in 1973 by the community of St. Balikuddembe parish, was established for the purposes of educating children of the poverty-stricken families living in the slums of Kampala, some of whom are orphans.

The noble mission of the school is to help eradicate illiteracy and poverty in the community and provide a ray of hope for a better future for these vulnerable children.

Social Development Partners

John Paul II Justice & Peace Centre

The JPII Justice & Peace Centre was started by a consortium of Catholic missionary congregations to create a greater impact on a more just and peaceful society in Uganda. They achieve this mission through research, training and advocacy efforts rooted in Catholic Social Teaching.

Meet the Young Adult Catholic Leaders

In partnership with the JPII Justice & Peace Centre, we work to develop leadership youth 18-25 years of age. Through our unique two-week program, youths build their skills in communication, team building, conflict resolution, and planning, as well as their knowledge and personal experience in Catholic social teaching.  We are seeking funding to send 12 of the youth and 2 priests to World Youth Day in Panama in July 2019.

Boy Scouts of Uganda

Uganda Scouts Association provides a program for young boys and girls that builds character, develops personal well being, and trains the youth in the responsibilities of participatory citizenship, as well as camping and outdoor skills.  For over a century, the Uganda Scouts Association has helped build the future leaders of this country by combining educational activities and lifelong values with fun. Uganda Scouts Association believes and knows first hand that helping youth is a key to building a more conscientious, responsible, and productive society.


The Xaverians is a Catholic service organization founded on the example and spirit of St. Francis Xavier, S.J., that provides boys and girls the opportunity to serve others while also developing their own individual skills. We have assisted with some of their trainings and provided a computer for the leaders to use.  We are seeking resources to increase their programming efforts. Currently, this is a fully volunteer run program.

Economic Development Partners

S7 College

S7, the former alternative college in Kampala, Uganda, provided the opportunity for disadvantaged youth who don’t have the resources to attend university to gain knowledge and computer, entrepreneur and analytical skills. S7 developed three student-run businesses: an internet café, Jet, initiated in 2010; a food café, Little Donkey, opened in 2011; and an art gallery, launched in 2013.

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