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Ocer Campion Student Stories

For just $50 a month, you can help a Ugandan youth gain a quality high school education, which opens the doors to more skilled training and a viable income for the rest of their lives.   Become a sponsor today! 

Hello! My name is Peace Stella. I am 15 years old and in high school at Ocer Campion Jesuit School in Gulu. I am Ugandan, an Acholi from the northern part of the country. I live with my mother, two sisters and a brother. Our Father died so my mother takes care of us. She does not have much because she is not educated; she is a peasant who depends on products from the farm each year for all our needs. I am in a good school because my late Auntie, Sr. Paula found me a sponsor, Fr Tony Wach who is also the director of the school. My brother and sisters are in the village studying in very poor schools because my mother is unable to afford a good school for them, but I keep praying that God opens way for them as he did for me. I never thought I would also be studying in a first class school like this, but now I can see that our destiny is predetermined.

I do not know what would happen to the orphans or disadvantaged students without sponsorship. Some children in our school, including me, cannot afford to buy a piece of soap or a book for school. Sometimes I even lack transport to report back to school despite having assured school fees. Fr. Tony arranges to pick me and some other children and brings us back to school. Fr. Tony finds money to help myself and other children through donation from friends and well wishers. I must say I keep praying for these people although I do not know them and might never see them, but I know God will reward them for me.

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