We strive to positively affect the lives of those living in poverty and support opportunities that may have been out of reach. eChange Endeavors looks for ways to leverage relationships, training, tools, technology, and structures to create the greatest impact.

We help renew communities using a three-legged stool model: economic development, social services development, and social benefit grants. We achieve these endeavors through local partnerships with organizations that have similar missions.

Social Services Development

Uganda has a diverse array of nonprofits trying to meet the needs of their people, but the demand for services and support is very high and financial and human resources limited.  We provide management consulting coupled with grants to help strengthen local social services providers to better meet these demands overtime.

Economic Development

We work with entrepreneurs to enhance their businesses, creating jobs and services to revitalize their communities and country.  We focus on endeavors that provide opportunities for youth, women, widows, people with disabilities or those facing disadvantages.

Social Benefit Grants

We bridge the gap for parents who struggle to pay the school fees and related expenses by providing scholarships for primary and secondary education and loans for university and tertiary education. We also help those facing hardship, especially with the passing of a spouse or child, other unexpected health issues, or life challenges, and provide them with grants on a short-term basis through our local partners.

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