Franciscan Sister Relaunching Eastside High School

Sr. Margaret Mary Awor is working diligently to relaunch Eastside High School for students from poor rural families in Tororo district of Uganda. Because of the long conflict in the country and now the repeated drought years these students and their families have suffered greatly.  Sr. Margaret is a Little Sister of St. Francis and the National Director of the Young Franciscans (YouFra) of Uganda. She and the team are helping youth gain back their sense of human dignity and fulfill their potential. Eastside is a private Catholic high school with boarding offering a Franciscan charisma and spirituality to the youth attending. Despite this being the first full year the school is open in a good while the student body is 286 strong of which two-thirds are on scholarship. To be financially viable long term they are seeking to attract 600 students. To attract paying students the school is in need of many new things such as a new water tank, more textbooks, improved science equipment, better windows, solar power, and most especially computers for both teachers and students. Thus we are seeking to raise $10,000 to bring new life back to the school. This is equivalent to $35 per student. You can make a one-time gift for school improvements or sponsor a student for just $60 monthly. Join our circle of giving today and help make the high school experience for these needy students even better! Your contribution will help shift the trajectory of the country forever.

Catholic Scouts Chiro Camp

Fr. Ceasar Matuvo, Camp Director & Scout Chaplain

The Catholic Boys Scouts in Uganda is one of the few youth organizations in the country that provides youth development for anyone. Through the Scouts youth have the opportunity to learn loads of skills such as setting up tents, tying knots, first aid, sourcing safe water, proper sanitation in the wild or at home, cooking, science and care of the nature, as well as leadership and team building.  Skills they desperately need for a productive and cooperative life at home, work or in the community.  

Fr. Ceasar Matuvo has been working for 10 years to develop Chiro Camp along Lake Victoria in Masaka district of Uganda.  The land was donated by the Archdiocese of Kampala.  With the help various donors, hard work and tenacity on the part of Fr. Ceasar, George K., George M. and other scout leaders and troops they have built a main hall, a few bungalows, and limited water and sanitation infrastructure. They are in need of quality tents that sleep 3, 6 or 8 campers, which are two season and can endure the heavy rains. We are currently seeking $2400 for tents and additional $1200 for additional equipment for the kitchen and training hall.

Chiro Camp hosts about 300 youth each quarter between the Scouts and the Xaverians, a local Catholic youth service organization. You can enable a multitude of youth to have a fun and educational camp experience with just $25, $50 or more. Help make the future of Uganda better. Give Today!


Ocer means to rise in the local Acholi language in Uganda.  This Easter season, which last from now until Pentecost, we rejoice in the light of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Won’t you help families in need this Easter season to be truly resurrected from the darkness and struggles that envelope their lives due to health care issues and poverty?  A little goes a long way as a leaven in their lives!

Small Grants, Big Impact!

Through our small grant program we bridge gaps in resources to enable local communities to grow and serve one another.  Through our program widows, orphans, disabled adults and children and the poor have access to education, health services, work opportunities, spiritual formation and Love!  We ensure projects are completed ​and former investments are not lost.  Your contribution of $50 or $100 goes a long way in Africa and Asia.  Make a donation today to encourage and inspire the next generation of youth to serve their communities.

Be Merciful, Give Today!